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Art Events and Performances

"Water, Towards Reconciliation and Joy" by Jean-Marie Ghislain & Leina Sato

Water, Towards Reconciliation and Joy
by Jean-Marie Ghislain (photo) with the collaboration of Leina Sato (voice)

Each of us remembers the well-being and joy experienced during a swim. Our cells remember and we renew with our origins, unconscious reference to the universal matrix and therefore to femininity. Water brings us closer to ourselves.

Far from a narcissistic approach, because at no time will they perceive their own reflection on the surface, many women wished to live this deep experience, initiatory to give themselves up to water in a total letting go and let the magic operate.

As a kaleidoscope of the soul, the water / air interface takes us into another time and space, as if the emotional state of the subject affects ones own reflection, making him discover a new dimension of his being. It is also a dialogue between photography and painting both in terms of textures and chromatic ranges through the subtle transformation of information on the surface at the whim of the movements of water.

These underwater landscapes reveal us the impermanence, the infinite change of our perception of the place under the influence of external elements.

The spectator will immerse within this underwater environment crossed by poetic voices.


The vernissage will take place on Tuesday, 7th of July 2020 in the Blackbox of the MSH. The respective exhibition can be visited until Friday, 10th of July 2020.
"Ecological Anxiety Disorder" by Sandy Flinto & Pierric Grobéty

Ecological Anxiety Disorder embarks the viewer in a dreamlike and surrealistic universe. Between travelogue and mythology, four dancers go on an expedition in a world apart: the 7th continent. Plastic islands, composed by circular currents in the middle of our oceans. In this terrible relation to the environment, the border between the illusory and the real is blurred: the ancestral fears of sea monsters, at once appalling and fascinating, reappear between the symptoms of this new pathology. This anguish feeds on apocalyptic fantasies. Far from falling into moral traps, this immersion in the abyss takes us on a fascinating scenic journey.

“Free man (…) the sea is your mirror”, wrote Baudelaire.

Plastic, an emblematic material of a carefree economic model. -Insoluble. Madness, a paradox that accompanies this titanic effort to want to restore the world. The madman, despite his confused perception of the outside world, is often represented as the only one to have a healthy reaction.

In Ecological Anxiety Disorder, performers seize a synthetic ecosystem in the middle of a lost paradise. An odyssey at once poetic and disturbing, which choreographs body and matter.


This performance will take place on Sunday, 5th July 2020 at the Théâtre d’Esch.
For more information on this event, please click here
"L'eau-delà des villes" by Alexis Vanderweerd & Jules Wax
This performance will take place on Tuesday, 7th of July 2020 in 0.204 of the MSH (behind the Blackbox).


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