Excursions and Activities

Organized Excursions

Trier's Roman Remains & Moselle Wine Tasting
Visit of the "L'eau dans l'espace" artistique circuit as part of the Constellations 2020 festival in Metz
Wenzel Tour
Promenade through Luxembourg City
Visit of the Rosport's Springs
Visit of Esch-sur-Sûre Lake and Sebes Dam

What to Do else in Luxembourg

-Mondorf-les-Bains Tour: 11 km walking tour which, in a green environment, runs along the thermal domain, the old source Kind and the Waasserhaus, which now is used as cinema;

-The thermal baths Mondorf-les-Bains;

-The former water tower of Dudelange, transformed into a photography gallery, and the “Pomhouse”, the former pumping house next to the water tower;

-The Petrusse valley with its fauna (wall lizards, great murine bats, falcons, western jackdaws and the great eagle-owls: the largest nocturnal raptor in Europe) and its rare and protected flora. The sandstone layer, located above a layer of impregnated marl forms an enormous reservoir of water that naturally reflects in many sources, such as the source Saint Quirin (it is given healing effects), located below the chapel of the same name. This place of worship going back to pre-Christian times is intended to become again exploitable for its drinking water. The cliffs that surround the Petrusse valley are classified as monuments and offer a marked geological trail;

-The sources of Little Switzerland;

-The “Meer von Echternach”;

-Aquatower Berdorf, exhibition on drinking water with panoramic view;

-The Roman Baths of the region Dalheim (Vicus Ricciacum) or Mamer (Vicus Mambra);

-Cruise on the Moselle;


For more information, please visit the website of Visit Luxembourg.

What to Do in the Neighboring Countries

  • Germany

-Aachen (Aquae Granni) and Treves (Colonia Augusta Treverorum);

-Imperial therms of Barbara (Treves) and Carolus (Aachen);


  • Belgium

-Baths of Spa, reported by Pliny the Younger, visit of the Spa water plant.

Where to Sleep

We are currently in contact with the Luxembourg tourism authorities for some hotel recommendations. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please refer to waterandsea2020@uni.lu for some assistance.